Survival Techniques

There is no shortage of travelers broadcasting their techniques for planetary survival on the galactic sub-space channels. Every traveler it seems has their own style, tricks and tips.  This guide and the video above are based on my experiences and observations as a survivalist in the Euclid galaxy.


  1. Walk most of the time – There are many factors that inform this recommendation.  For details on why walking is a superior strategy see Walking vs Running
  2. Be aware of your surroundings – Always be aware of the closest natural or constructed shelter, learn to identify predators the natural signs of incoming storms.
  3. Maintain your Hazard Protection – Keep crafted Shielding products in your inventory at all times and prioritize finding raw materials to make them.
  4. Learn to manage your inventory – Transfer items you do not need to survive to your ship. Don’t be afraid to throw away non-survival items.
  5. Use the Signal Booster – This crafted item is the key to locating low cost launch sites and other important points of interest.
  6. Prepare for landing – Stock up at a space station before you land and scout landing sites before you set down.

May Atlas Guide You,