Begin Transmission

This is my journey, my chronicle. I am a traveler of the Euclid Galaxy.

Greetings traveler, may Atlas guide you.  I have been wandering the Euclid Galaxy for many light years. I know my light is but a faint flicker in the vast distances between us. I transmit to you this record of my existence. I hope it brings you as much comfort as the knowledge of your existence brings me.

I do not know if my light will have dissolved into the static of our universe by the time you find this signal.  All I can say is that I will continue to transmit my records on this frequency for as long as I am able.  I have stored in this beacon both records of my journey and a guide that I hope will help you live a long and prosperous time in Euclid.

Traveler’s Log

Field Guide

A traveler’s journal may provide intriguing anecdotes but my intention is to also provide guidance for fellow travelers of the Euclid Galaxy.   Here you will find detailed accounts of my planetary observations.  I will faithfully record my understanding of the universal rules that govern the Euclid Galaxy and its inhabitants.  It is my hope that this field guide will assist other Euclid Survivalists in identifying strategies and resources that will allow them to thrive.


  • Survival Techniques
  • Your Equipment
  • Scavenging
  • Know Your Plants
  • Know Your Animals
  • Know Your Aliens
  • Know Your Planets