Walking to the South Pole on Stovalas IX

As I continued my search for the South Pole on Stovalas IX I decided to open up the comms and see who answered. I was pleasantly surprised when Justin and  NMS Survival Guru from the amino community joined me on the chat comms.  Having someone along on these lonely walks can really lift your spirits and I was thankful to see their messages.

This being my fifth attempt at walking to the pole I am begining to lose faith in my ability to find it.  I know I am getting close because the sun barely rises above the horizon now and it barely sets below it. I fear that I am getting into the area where I could lose my bearings and walk through the pole causing the sun to set at my back rather than in front of me.  That would tell me I’m in the right place but would extend my journey needlessly.  There is also the chance that I will keep walking slightly to the left or right of the pole and put my self in a situation where I endlessly chase the setting sun.

Even with these concerns I press on through the the storms and treacherous cliffs.  Today I found the resources to improve my plasma cannon’s velocity. I also stumbled across a ship hailing beacon. Now when I finally pinpoint the pole I will be able to get back to base quickly.

I’ve opened new hailing frequencies to help travelers better locate my transmissions:

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